6-Figure Coach Academy is Open for Special Enrollment
Ready to Become a
6-Figure Coach?
I'll help you grow to 6-figures within 1 year, otherwise I'll work with you for FREE until you do.
Ready to Become a
6-Figure Coach?
I'll help you grow to 6-figures within 1 year, otherwise I'll work with you for FREE until you do.
There's no reason why you can't make 100k/year in your business as a coach, working only the hours you want.
Growing your business and getting clients -
Doesn't need to be complicated.
It doesn't need to be fancy.
You don't have to be techie.
And you definitely don't need to hustle 24/7.

All you need... are 3 simple pieces for your strategy.

Know these 3 pieces and get them dialed in:

1) Your Niche Audience
2) Your Compelling Offer
3) Your Marketing Funnel

And you've got a 6-figure business, my friend.
If you aren't making 6-figures yet, it just means you don't have these 3 mastered. Simple as that.
Inside 6-Figure Coach Academy™️, I'll help you master all 3 links of your Clients on Repeat Circle™️ so you can get a steady flow of new clients coming in and current clients renewing month after month.
And by doing so, help you grow to your first 6-figures. Then, we'll scale to multiple 6-figures.
It all happens inside of:
The complete online business coaching program that gives you all of the steps & mentoring so you can learn exactly how to make multiple six figures in your businessworking only the hours you want.

6-Figure Coach Academy™️ will guide you through all the steps & give you all the tools, frameworks, marketing page templates & mentoring you need to grow your coaching business to 6 figures and beyond while creating time freedom in your life at the same time.

“I have nearly tripled my monthly client revenue and have setup a new stream of passive income that is blowing my mind!

Before working with Rebecca, I was doing good but I was overwhelmed. I needed the help to see things from the outside view and really start putting things into order. I have now nearly tripled my monthly client revenue and have setup a new stream of passive income that is blowing my mind! Rebecca Barnheart is literally what has made all the difference in the success of my business and I don't know what I would do without her."

Tiffany Bastian, Accountant & Tax Pro Course Creator for Photographers

Get ready for your business to go to the next level & your entire life to change.

By joining this program you will:


Know who your niche is that you will help (So you can market to them well.)


Have a compelling offer that sells (So you can grow to 6-figures.)


Have a marketing plan you love (So you have a plan for how to make the money you want and you know just what to do every hour you are working.)


Learn how to grow your audience (Let's get you to 5,000 subscribers.)


Create a sales funnel that brings you clients and sales (I'll show you how to build every part of your funnel.)


Build your amazing coaching program or online course (So you can make it exactly what your clients want and need so they can see the value.)


Learn how to sign clients again and again (Let's get you to your first 6-Figures and then GROW!)

In this program, you'll be taken through every single step, in-depth so you know EXACTLY how to create 6-figures on your terms as a coach, working only the hours you want... whether that's 40 hours or 4 hours per week - the choice is yours.

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I have launched my program, already made several 5-figures in sales, and published my book! 

If you want to build a successful online business the right way, look no further. You don’t have to go it alone trying to figure it all out by yourself. There are two ways I have found to build a business online as a coach… you can do it the hard way or the easy way. Working with Rebecca inside 6-Figure Coach Academy is the easy and best way! She’s got it all mapped out for you. Since working with Rebecca, I have launched my online program, where I have taken my private practice as a counselor to the online space as a marriage coach, have already made several 5-figures in sales (and growing), and have published my book! I am so inspired every day now, to do the work because of Rebecca’s consistent mentoring and receiving her encouragement. I am so glad I made this investment in myself and my business to go all-in with my online programs! I no longer feel stagnant like I did before and am building so much momentum towards even more growth. I feel I am on track to reaching my highest potential with my work which allows me to be able to change so many more women’s lives with my message. Thank you, Rebecca! You really care and want success for your clients and that shows through. I am grateful for you and all you have done and continue to do for me!

Carol Erb, Ph.D, Christian Counselor & Marriage Coach

Grow your business every month by mastering the Clients on Repeat Circle™️

In this program, you will learn how to master the 3 parts of client attraction so you'll bring in clients on repeat month after month to fill your 1:1 spots and/or group program.

I am creating an amazing membership and following all the steps to launch it on evergreen! 

Before joining 6-Figure Coach Academy, I had been stuck at the same income level in my business for the last 5 years, because I couldn't reach more customers without investing more time (which I did not want to do). Finally I'm addressing what was on my mind for some years now: to create a membership and get my teachings in front of the people without being there in person all the time. With 6-Figure Coach Academy, I am now creating an amazing membership and following all of the steps with Rebecca’s help to launch it on evergreen. I'm also designing a new website right now that includes a membership area - which I have been able to do with the step-by-step courses inside 6FCA. I'm clear about the steps that are ahead of me in my business and that makes everything much easier. Once everything is fully launched, I know this will be a tremendous improvement for my business both financially and time-wise. I have already recommended this program to others. This is the place to be for anyone who is serious about their business as it will set you up with clarity, structure, and personal guidance that is not easy to find. One never feels alone and lost in this program. It is a wonderful combination of step-by-step guidance with the video lectures and personal support from Rebecca for whatever question pops up. Thank you for your wonderful work, Rebecca!

Anja Blümle, Energetic Healing and Teaching

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The complete online business coaching program that gives you all of the steps & mentoring so you can learn exactly how to make multiple six figures in your businessworking only the hours you want





Choose your payment plan and when you sign up and you'll have immediate access to the entire 6-Figure Coach Academy Course, Membership Calls, Community, Worksheets, and Resources.

Do the work for an entire year, and if you haven't collected 100k in sales, I'll continue to work with you for FREE in this program and all payments stop until you have collected 100k (in your currency).

Here's what's waiting for you inside

On-Demand Online Program

The 6-Figure Coach Academy™️ Foundational Program

You'll get the exact step-by-step process to show you how to start exactly where you are and create the clear, simple to follow plan for how you'll create multiple 6-figures in your coaching business, all while working only the hours you want.

value: $5,997

Coaching Calls

Weekly Coaching Calls & Feedback Hours with Rebecca

You get me, several times every single week, looking at your business and giving you direct guidance and insight in the direction for your very next steps.

When you have me, it will pay off - as you'll have someone who has gone before you and who is already making multiple 5-figure months in my own online business.

Lean on my decade+ of experience in the field as a coach, service provider & digital course creator, and learn how to apply what I have found through experience that WORKS in this industry so you can reach your own 5-figure months faster. 

You Will Receive...


Coaching calls every week over zoom where you can join me and can raise your hand and ask questions or listen to teaching and other women get coached on their business!


My expert eyes on your business giving you guidance and direction on your next step.


Direct help every week to quickly overcome the obstacles that get in the way (that can easily keep you held back for YEARS.) Obstacles that aren't overcome are DREAM KILLERS and have led to the demise of all online businesses that do not make it. Avoid this and set yourself on the track towards growth!

value: $3,564

High-Level Goals and Weekly Goal Setting

Weekly Goal Setting, Action Steps, Accountability, & Challenges to Grow Your Business

One of the biggest stumbling blocks women fall into is lack of forward progress, mostly due to having all the drive, but none of the clear steps they need to take to actually make their dream happen. 

Every single week in this program, you will receive a clear action step of the week for you to work on that is easily implemented, and uncovers an even greater clarity on a significant piece in your business. 

With newfound clarity, it acts as a springboard for big moves and inspired ideas to take shape and you will find yourself having your best months ever. The momentum will start to build and with momentum, you will start to see what once felt impossible, actually start taking shape!

You Will Receive...


Every week, there will be goal setting and accountability in the community where you check in with your goals and are followed up with to make sure you are keeping momentum!


Every month you complete all your goal setting, you will be eligible for the end of the month drawing where you can win a private coaching session with Rebecca to tackle any area of your business you need!

value: $2,364

Instant Access

The Business Training Vault

You will receive instant access to my entire library of business trainings I've done over my entire career as a business coach - all found in the Vault.

Venture into the Vault whenever you have a specific area of your business you'd like to dive into learning more about. Find the video that relates to the topic, and then get started.

There are several dozens of hours of training waiting for you (pictured is just a SMALL sample) over all kinds of topics within your online business from planning, to mindset, to technical how-to's, to templates, to branding your business - I've got you covered!

value: $10,991

Coaching Calls

The Recorded Call Library

You will receive instant access to the entire coaching call library of all recorded group coaching calls so you can learn from others building their businesses that will spur inspiration for your own business.

value: $997

When you enroll today, you’ll get:

(Total 1 Year Value: $23,913)


The 6-Figure Coach Academy™️ Foundational Program - Learn step-by-step how to create multiple 6-figures in your business working only the hours you want per week (Value: $5,997)


Weekly Business Coaching Calls & Feedback Hours with Rebecca - so you get live, direct help on the call and learn from and get inspired from the other ambitious women in the program as well who are after or already making 5-figure months in their business & time freedom in their life, too! (1 Year Value: $3,564)


Weekly Goal Setting, Accountability, and Challenges - so you are always moving steadily forward with momentum and growth to achieve your first 100k Year and then grow it to multiple 6-Figures. (1 Year Value: $2,364)


The Business Training Vault - the moment you join, you'll receive instant access to every single training and course I have ever taught on business, mindset, and strategy so that you can find exactly what you need, the moment you need it. (Value: $10,991)


The Recorded Call Library - the moment you join, you'll have instant access to the entire library of past coaching calls so you can learn from others who are in the program now and can apply the teachings to your own business. (Value: $997)

The moment you join, you will have instant access to all of the above that you can start taking advantage of right away.

The sooner you join, the sooner you will start experiencing the results that will follow from implementing all you learn in this program.


PLUS - you will also receive these awesome bonuses when you purchase today...



Goal Motivation Jewelry

100k Year Bracelet

The best way to achieve the goals you are after is to be constantly surrounded by reminders of what you are creating. When you join 6-Figure Coach Academy in this special enrollment period, you'll get this bracelet sent to you that you will be able to wear all year long. It will serve as a constant reminder every time you look at your wrist and it will keep you motivated all year long as you create your first 100k Year.

value: $50


The Sales Script

Consult to Client Script

When you join, you'll get the sales script I have developed to convert discovery call consults to paying coaching clients. With this easy to follow script that sounds conversational and gently guides your clients through the call, you'll never be lost on a discovery call consult, but know exactly what to say.

With it, and the coaching calls inside of the Academy each week, you'll learn how to hold space for your client so that they can make the decision to move forward boldly and get the help they need - which means more calls turning into "yes's" for you! I've made hundreds of thousands of dollars with this script alone as a coach. 

value: $697


Business Marketing Course

The Facebook Ads Workshop

In this easy to follow business marketing course, you'll get the COMPLETE step-by-step workshop for setting up and running Facebook ads in 2022. By going through this workshop, you will have the exact steps for connecting to your dream clients and building your list with new leads coming in every single day.

Classes inside this course include:

  • Lesson 1: iOS14-iOS15 Setup
  • Lesson 2: How to Create Your Opt-in Page Series + High-Converting Opt-in Page Templates Designed for you to use
  • Lesson 3: How to write your Facebook Ad Copy + Worksheet
  • Lesson 4: How to Create Ad Graphics in Canva + Canva Template
  • Lesson 5: How to Set Up Your Facebook Ads Step-by-Step

You Will Learn...


Exactly how to get your FB ad campaign setup to be in compliance with the new iOS14 & iOS15 requirements.


The step-by-step process I use when setting up my Facebook ads in my business and my client's businesses that have resulted in leads for little ad spend and maximum results. 


How to write ad copy that gets people wanting to click on your ads and take that next step. 


What you need on your opt-in pages for the highest conversions (leads for your business that will turn into paid clients and sales)

value: $997

The only program you need in order to create your first or next 6-figures all while enjoying the freedom of working only the hours you want.


6-Figure Coach Academy™️ Program (Value $5,997)


Monthly Business Coaching Call over Zoom with Rebecca (1 Year Value $3,564)


Weekly Action Steps & Accountability (1 Year Value $2,364)


The Business Training Vault (Value: $10,991)


The Recorded Coaching Call Library (Value $997)


BONUS: The 100k Year Bracelet (Value $50)


BONUS: The Consult to Client Script (Value $697)


BONUS: Business Marketing Course - The Facebook Ads Workshop + Templates (Value $997)


ADDITIONAL BONUS: Template - The exact words to say & post to compel people to book a discovery call (Value $500)

That's a Total 1 Year Value of over $26,157
Yours for a fraction of that!
Seal your spot now





What you will learn in this program will give you all of the tools and action steps you need to grow your coaching business to 6-figures online.... I guarantee it.

Do the work, and become a 6-Figure Coach within 1 year, otherwise I'll work with you for free, for as long as it takes, until you are making 6-Figures.

As long as you commit to taking action and doing the work, you have nothing to lose and a 6-figure coaching business to gain. Jump in risk-free and get started.

“I've gained over 100 leads in my business in less than a week from having my ads running from what I've learned....

I'm looking forward to continuing this program because not only am I learning so much, but it's helping my business grow! I can't wait to see what next month brings. Rebecca is a wonderful coach!

Darolyn Lewis, The Nutritional Spectrum





"I booked 6 new discovery calls within the first week of working with Rebecca"

Vita Lagalla, Heartbreak to Happy Coach

I finally have the help I need and have turned my business ideas into reality! 

Before Rebecca & 6FCA, I struggled with all things tech! I stayed stuck for a very long time here and wasted so many hours trying to guess at how to get things done. This took me away from making progress towards turning all my ideas (and I have a LOT of them) into reality. 

Once I jumped in to work with Rebecca, I did a whole structural change, got tons of new marketing pages up, and I learned a quick way of managing my email list - all the step-by-step tech help I could want! 

She literally shows you what to do over video for you to go back to and watch every time you need it.  6-Figure Coach Academy is the place to be for support for all the trials that can pop up in your business. Rebecca is always there with personalized feedback, quickly. You can tell she is fully invested in your success. She is a fabulous person with an incredible heart for her clients. 💙

Valeria Weber Williamson, Shotcaller-in-Chief at Do a Shot of Yoga

I recommend this program to anyone looking to scale their business to 6-figures as it will get you right on track!

Before joining 6-Figure Coach Academy, I felt tired. I tend to want to do “all the things”, which led me to not focus on the things that mattered most. My business plan was scattered. This is why as soon as I saw Rebecca offering 6FCA, I knew it was exactly what I needed. In just over a month in this program, I have a clear business plan, have my sales pages finished and my funnels for ads almost complete, too!

The accountability in 6FCA is forcing me to focus on one thing at a time. This has allowed me to have tunnel vision with my projects and get them done quickly as I now have the accountability to move things forward. I feel confident in what I’m working on and know that it’s going to get me to my 100k goal in a year. I appreciate all Rebecca does in this program, especially her feedback to my questions in the group and on the coaching calls. I recommend this program to anyone looking to scale their business to 6-figures as it will get you right on track! 

Meaghan H, Business Coach for Christian Entrepreneurs

I have doubled my Facebook group and email list! 

Rebecca knows her stuff. She’s down to earth, approachable, and incredibly knowledgeable to help you create a clear direction to move forward successfully in your business. Before joining 6-Figure Coach Academy, I was putting in so much time, energy, and money, but it wasn’t moving me forward in reaching the clients I needed to reach. I have very limited time to work on my business, so it was frustrating to not make progress. Since joining 6FCA and working with Rebecca, I have doubled my Facebook group as well as my email list. I have run two challenges for my group and made my first offer! I also have been invited to be a guest speaker. Having this program has been a game changer for me! I appreciate you so much Rebecca! Thank you for creating this space with this incredible group of women.

Brandy Killian, Success Coach

If you're wanting to start a coaching business of your own, join this program! I went from spinning my wheels to finally getting things done and so can you.

I had started my business a year before joining 6FCA. During my first year of business, I felt like I was spinning my wheels and it was impacting my business bottom line and visibility as well as keeping me in "questioning mode" instead of "doing mode".

Since joining 6-Figure Coach Academy, I have created recorded programs, outlined my largest program, and feel more confident and secure about the direction of my business and what I need to focus on to achieve this.

Rebecca has an amazing ability to hone right in and drill down on helping me define what my messaging is so it can be clear, directed, and precise. I am no longer confused or generalized with my niche and feel much more secure in the next steps I need to take!

Michelle Smiley, Interpretive Coach

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Frequently Asked Questions about
6-Figure Coach Academy™️

Will this program work for me?
This program will work for you if you are any of the below:
  • coach (serving any niche)
  • consultant (serving any niche)
  • service provider who wants to create a course/membership sharing your expertise
  • counselor wanting to move to working online as a coach
  • blogger who wants to monetize their website with digital online products and courses
  • course creator who wants to sell your courses 
  • speaker who wants to share your message further and wider
  • author who wants to sell more books and create an additional income stream online
When I sign up, how soon can I begin?

When you sign up, you will have instant access to the entire program. 

How much Rebecca support/coaching time will I get?

This program is extremely HIGH-TOUCH. This means you get multiple times per week where you can gain feedback and coaching from me on anything you are working on as you go through the program and are building your business.

Do I need to purchase anything additional?

You'll need the basics every online business needs. A good email marketing system, a branded email, a way to collect payments, and a way to build web pages. I teach you everything & you can use anything you already have now as well. 

I'm not very techie... can I really do this?

Absolutely. If tech makes you want to hide under a blanket - I've got you! All throughout 6FCA, you have access to every single template and step-by-step course I've ever created to show you exactly how to get what you need in place for your business - from your website, to your email marketing system, to your sales funnels to your member's portal, to your ads - everything! You’ll be able to look directly at every action I’m doing on my computer screen so you can do the same and magically see what you're working on take shape before your eyes. I've got you! 

I'm pretty shy, and struggle with anxiety... can I build to 6-figures?

Yes. Whether you are shy, introverted, have anxiety, struggle with bouts of depression (I've been there!), or you're the happiest, most extraverted person in the room - you can be successful exactly as you are. You simply need to be coached so you know how to show up in the specific instances that pop up in your business, so that you can move through them instead of allowing them to keep you stuck. This way, you can be authentically yourself, and grow. 

How long is this program?

This program is an ongoing membership that will continue on year after year. You can stay for however long you'd like, and you can cancel at anytime. My joy is to help you keep growing year after year as I love helping women not only grow to their first 6-figures, but then scale up to multiple 6-figures. 

If I join, and then decide to cancel, can I rejoin again later?

Yes. However, you'll have to wait until the doors reopen. I'm looking to work with women who are all-in and are committed to their business, no matter what life brings along the way - as that's how you grow and achieve 6-figures. Stopping and starting continuously doesn't get you very far, and this is a high-level program that requires continuous dedication towards showing up for your business. I'm all in and I want you to be all-in as well. 

Will you offer this program again?

Yes. I open 6FCA up periodically to the public.There is no current planned date for when the doors will open to the public next. So, if you are ready to make things happen and don't want to wait to start learning how to attract clients, put together your coaching program to scale and make money, come join us! 

When are the coaching calls?
The coaching calls are at various times of the day throughout the month to ensure everyone has a chance to join in at least one call per month live (all you need to grow your business) if you'd like, no matter your schedule. You can also submit questions in advance if you are unable to make a live call and can catch all replays at your convenience on YOUR schedule.
Will this work for me if I'm just starting my business?
Yes. I help women in ALL stages. If you are just starting your business, this is definitely the place for you to be because by following the business design process (which you will learn in this program), you'll set up your business right from the start and position yourself for the fastest track to 6-figures! You won't be messing around for months or even years trying to do it on your own or trying to piece everything together. You'll have the simple, straight path to how you'll reach your first 6-figures, then grow to multiple - we'll do this one simple, clear step at a time.
Is this program for me if I've had some success in my business already?
Yes. Absolutely. If you have already had success with gaining clients, but haven't yet reached 6-figures in your business, this is the place to be because there is NO reason why you can't get there - and quickly. We just need to take a look at what you're doing now, and determine what is missing that's keeping you from 6-figures/year currently. In this program, you'll figure out exactly what that is and make a clear plan to breakthrough to consistent 10k/months and beyond so that you can become a 6-figure coach/expert. 
Is this program for me if I've already made 6-figures?
Yes. 100%. I'll help you grow to multiple 6-figures without killing yourself. In fact, I'll help you scale your business up, while working LESS hours. Gone are the days of hustling non-stop. You deserve balance. The people you love deserve you to be at your most present, rested, and whole self. Having success in your business INCLUDES balance and flexible freedom of your time - working only the hours you want. You can scale to multiple 6-figures working only the hours you want following the business design process inside this program. No matter how much time you're working now.... we'll get you to working the time you actually want in your business.
I don't have a big budget. Will this program work for me?

There are two main ways to market your business online. You can use paid marketing, utilizing ads. Or, you can use organic marketing, which don't require a single penny.

If your budget is small to begin with, then your unique marketing plan I'll help you put together will be focused around organic marketing so you can grow right where you're at right now. This program works, no matter your budget - big or small. 

What's the time commitment?

The only time commitment to this program is how much YOU want to put in. You can attend however many live calls you want or however little calls you want and watch the replays. You can jump into the recorded courses anytime you'd like - whenever you need it. 6-Figure Coach Academy is designed to fit YOUR schedule.

As for the amount of time you work on your business - all you need is to find a minimum of 4 hours on growing your business every week - no matter what. You can absolutely set a different minimum amount of time you want to work, but just make it be no less than 4 hours per week, to make progress and build momentum. 

How many women are in this program?

6-Figure Coach Academy is a high-touch program where you have an abundance of time personally coached. Currently there are a small, intimate group of women in the program already. These women are at all different stages in building their coaching/expert business. Some pre-revenue and building out their foundation, and others making $20k to over $40k/month consistently and continuing to grow. This program is a long-haul program, as I love pouring into and supporting you and watching you grow month after month and year after year. When you join, you become a part of the family. I only open the program up to the public for new coaches periodically, in order to support everyone exactly where they are in the 6FCA process. The number of women will continue to grow and the level of support and coaching will stay the same. This is a phenomenal community to be a part of and learn from. 

Will I have lifetime access to the content?

No. If you choose to cancel, then you will lose access to the courses, coaching calls, community and content inside of 6FCA. Similarly to a gym membership where you lose access to using the equipment if you cancel, this program works the same. You have access to everything for as long as you are a member. Any downloadable material is yours forever.

I have a question I don't see here. Can I ask you?

Yes! Click on the chat box and ask away! I'm here for you.

I can't wait to guide you to creating your own 6-figure coaching business working part time hours...

I'm Rebecca Barnheart, certified business coach, and my online business has truly transformed my entire life.

It has been the one tool that has not only allowed me to help thousands of women but has personally grown me in more ways than I ever thought possible... taking that shy, self-conscious girl who settled for "less than best" to rising up to the leader and six-figure business owner I am today.

If I did it... you most certainly can too. 

6-figures is yours for the taking...

If you're a coach, consultant, service provider or digital product creator of any kind, you owe it to yourself and all the people you are meant to help, to take the next step forward in making your dreams your reality. 

You CAN create the business you've always wanted. Consistent 6-figures and time freedom can be yours and it will be life-changing for you and your family when you create it. I know it, because I am living it. 

I look forward to meeting you and personally welcoming you inside 6-Figure Coach Academy. Let's do this!

Life is short and your dreams are worth it,

That's a total value of $26,157/year
Yours for a fraction of that! 





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