UPDATED December 8th, 2021
Because we are so committed to your success and believe fully in what you can create with your coaching business, we offer one amazing guarantee on this program, 6-Figure Coach Academy. We want you to be fully satisfied with your purchase in enrolling in this program, and we know the only way to do that is to go ALL-IN and do the work, applying your best effort to do the action steps and implement everything you learn. The Company, Your Business Designer LLC provides one clear guarantee on 6-Figure Coach Academy - you pay for 1 year and do the work, and we'll help you get to 10k/mo. You don't owe a penny more until you've reached this level of income in your business.

You are eligible for the guarantee under the following terms:

When you are in the program for an entire year, if you do all the work and don't reach 100k/yr within 1 year of joining, I'll work with you for free until you do. Reaching 100k/yr is defined that by the 12th month (before your 13th monthly payment, or your 2nd year annual payment is processed,), you will be making at least 10k/mo in recurring income (in your local currency) with clients paying you monthly for your coaching and/or training (which equates to over 100k/yr). If you haven't reached this by your 12th month in the program, and you've done all of the requirements below all year long, then you will remain in the program completely free of charge, until you do reach 10k/mo in revenue at which point, you will then be charged again at the rate you originally joined 6-Figure Coach Academy. We want you to be 100% satisfied and make your investment back by 33x for the consecutive year before running any further payments, provided you are ALL-IN and doing the work.

To qualify for this guarantee, you agree to:

  • Create your 100k Year Action plan within the first month in the program following the step-by-step worksheet inside 6FCA
  • Submit plan to Rebecca for approval within your kickoff month.

Then, every month after your kickoff month, you agree to: 
  1. Fill out the monthly check-in form on the first day of each month and set a clear growth goal each month following your 100k Year action plan. Share that goal on the Monthly Goal Planning Post (following the prompts provided)
  2. Set a goal every week on the Weekly Goal Call post and screenshot or take a photo of your weekly calendar of when you will be working on your weekly goal by Monday at 5pm Central for the week ahead (following the prompts provided)
  3. Every Friday, share all your sales wins for the week and things you learned or big moves you attempted every Friday (whether or not they led to sales).
  4. Once per month, post at least one question of your own to be answered on the coaching calls, and watch at least one coaching call per month - whether live or the replay.
  5. Follow through on the exact minimum number of hours you are committed to working every single week, and sticking to the minimum action steps every week you've committed to for your 100k Action Plan. 

After you have done this for 12 consecutive months after your kickoff call, within the two weeks before your next payment is set to process, and if you have not yet reached 10k in recurring monthly income, reach out to and your next payment will be put on hold until you do reach 10k/mo in your business minimum. Once you've reached 10k/mo in income, the following month your next payment will resume as usual.

If you have done the work above for at least 48 weeks of the 52 weeks, then you will be eligible for this guarantee. If you do not do the 6 steps above for at least 48 of the 52 weeks (4 weeks of breaks in between to allow for sick weeks, holidays, etc) then you will not be eligible for the guarantee.

If it's determined that you qualify for the guarantee and can stay in the program free of charge, you agree to immediately share once you've hit 10k/mo in your business as well as continue working through all 5 action steps every week consecutively. The guarantee is void if any weeks are missed without prior written arrangement for special cases such as need for sick leave, vacations, etc. If the 5 action steps aren't done each week after 4 total weeks of inaction (consecutive or not) anytime within a 12 month period, your next payment will be charged and payments will continue as usual unless canceled. No refund is issued for this payment. Do the work each week and you won't be charged after a year's investment until you reach 10k/mo.

All free access is given only to those who follow the requirements as determined by Your Business Designer LLC. If you have any questions at all, please let us know by contacting

Due to having immediate access to the entire library of business training, tools, downloadable worksheets and frameworks, as well as high-level support from Rebecca Barnheart, no refunds are given for this program. You may cancel at anytime before your next payment renews to not be charged. Simply put: do the work you commit to doing and I'll give you all of the coaching and support you need to get you to your first 100k/year with only 1 year investment in this program. There's no risk when you do the work and believe in yourself and I'll help you make it happen - no matter if it takes a year or longer. You're in this program with just $2,997 (or 12 payments of $297) until you reach consistent 10k/mo - you won't owe a penny more.