Because we are so committed to your success and believe fully in what you can create with your coaching business, we offer one amazing guarantee on this program, 6-Figure Coach Academy. We want you to be fully satisfied with your purchase in enrolling in this program, and we know the only way to do that is to go ALL-IN and do the work, applying your best effort to do the action steps and implement everything you learn. The Company, Rebecca Barnheart Coaching LLC provides one simple guarantee on 6-Figure Coach Academy:
Do the work*, and become a 6-Figure Coach within 1 year, otherwise I'll work with you for free, for as long as it takes*, until you are making 6-Figures.
You are eligible for the guarantee under the following terms:

*"Doing the work" is defined by...

  1. Complete the entire 6-Figure Coach Foundational Program Modules 1-5 by watching every video and taking action on every action step from the video lessons and worksheets and sharing completed 100k year action plan with Rebecca.
  2. Participate in every monthly goal setting post on the first of each month for the time you are in the program onward by posting your comment on the post and doing what is instructed in the post.
  3. Participate in each weekly goal post in the community on Facebook (by writing a comment on the post) on Monday and Friday (you have until Sunday evening before Monday hits to complete the Friday post) from the same week you start the program onward as this is the accountability piece to be accountable to yourself and your business.
  4. Come to and participate in a minimum of 1 live coaching call per month over zoom and raise your digital hand to come on and get coached (there are calls every week and multiple times every month to join and find a call time that works for you).

If you do not become a 6-figure coach within 1 year, your renewal tuition will not be charged and you will remain in 6-Figure Coach Academy for free until you have collected 100,000 in sales in your local currency. I'll work with you for however long it takes. You simply need to commit to doing the work the whole way through as outlined above. Once you have collected 100,000 in sales, you will be charged each year from that point forward as we grow your coaching business to multiple 6-figures.

You may miss up to 6 individual goal posts in a 1 year period and still be eligible for the guarantee. This accounts for any life events or vacations.

The free access guarantee to the program after 1 year if you have not yet collected 100k (in your local currency) is given only to those who follow the requirements outlined above as determined by Rebecca Barnheart Coaching LLC. If you have any questions at all, please let us know by contacting

If you don't qualify for the guarantee
If you do not do the work as outlined in the guarantee eligibility, your membership will renew (unless you cancel prior) whether you've made 100,000 in sales in your currency or not. If you wish to cancel, you may do so at anytime within 2 business days before your next payment renews to not be charged any further, otherwise you'll continue ongoing at the tuition rate at time of sign up. If you choose to cancel, you may remain in the program until your next payment was originally set to renew, so you get the entire time in the program you invested in.

No refunds are given for this program for the pure purpose of honoring the commitment you have made to yourself to be all-in and dedicated to making the 6-figure coaching business you want happen. This way, you hold yourself accountable to doing the work so you can create the results you're after. The secondary reason is due to having immediate access to the entire library of thousands of dollars worth of business training, tools, downloadable worksheets and frameworks, as well as high-level support from Rebecca Barnheart that is worth far more value than your tuition that you will be able to use for years to come to grow your coaching business.

*Working with you for "as long as it takes" is defined as: working with you for the lifetime of the 6-Figure Coach Academy program run by Rebecca Barnheart. The vision and plan for this program is to be running for decades and growing bigger and bigger each year. However, if doors are closed for good, due to an unforeseen inability for Rebecca Barnheart to run the program any longer, all members will retain access to all recorded program content for life who have met the guarantee eligibility requirements and any active transaction renewals will be canceled. 

Any earnings shown are only examples of what might be possible. I do NOT believe in get rich quick, but I do believe in earning a 6-figure and multi-6-figure income by putting in the consistent work to create it. I’ve done it and have helped clients achieve similar results, too. Results are NOT typical because most people will not do the work to make it happen. There is absolutely no guarantee for any particular financial outcome based on the use of our website. You agree that you and you are alone are solely responsible for your individual and business income results. What I do guarantee is what I will do, based on the results you get from doing the work in this program.

Updated on October 21, 2022